Milwaukee Blueprinting Reprographics Company – A/E Graphics

Milwaukee Blueprinting Reprographics Company – A/E Graphics

A Changing Industry

Over the past couple of years the “blueprinter / reprographer” community has been asking, “What business am I in?” Many have concluded that, “I am in the information distribution business, and I had better provide my customer base with whatever information distribution services they require.”

A/E Graphics has a proactive approach to the market, and to work more closely with both customers and vendors, meeting the needs of the market. It is challenging, exciting and progressive.

What is Blueline?
Pre-press photographic proof made from stripped negatives where all colors show as blue images on white paper. Because “blueline” is a generic term for proofs made from a variety of materials having identical purposes and similar appearances, it may also be called blackprint, blue, blueprint, brownline, brownprint, Diazo, dyeline, ozalid, position proof, silverprint, Dylux, and VanDyke.

Reprographers Today
The originals with which reprographers work often no longer begin life as pieces of paper on a drawing board, but as a series of bits and bytes in a computer. And, the reprographer has to find the best, most cost-effective way to convert electronic data into meaningful prints, graphics, displays and electronic documents.

The reprographic industry has not only accepted the digital and computer revolutions, but is now A/E Graphics is using these changes to develop new markets and services.

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