Epic Decades

Marjorie & Guy Lam

Marjorie & Guy Lam

A/E Graphics was originally founded in Brookfield, Wisconsin as a division of Green Bay Blueprint by Guy and Marjorie Lam. Later, Fred Gennerman and Mel Kirsch acquired the company and named it A/E Graphics, Inc. in 1976.

Guy, Marjorie, Fred and Mel lead with a basis of hard work, quality results and great customer service.

Always looking to the future, Fred and Mel helped to adapt their roots in blueprinting, photocopying, pin bar registration for manual drafting, photography and manual drafting supplies into a digital document and color graphics powerhouse.

Fred Gennerman & Mel Kirsch

Fred Gennerman & Mel Kirsch

In 1987, Fred and Mel moved out of their original location into a new building they built at North 124th Street in Brookfield which is the corporate headquarters today.

In 1999, A/E Graphics opened a branch headed by future partner John Sieber on Milwaukee Street in the Third Ward in downtown Milwaukee which later went on to expand in space two times.

In 2001, Fred and Mel retired and five employees became owners of A/E Graphics: Tim Davis, Dan Schmidt, Joe Shaw, John Sieber and Tom Taubenheim. Recognized as professional, reliable, devoted and passionate team members from the get go, it was natural that the leadership roles would pass on to the five. Tom would be chosen to oversee finances, while Tim would handle IT and the other part of the team would manage production. These guys have each put in more than 20 years at A/E Graphics.

Joe, Tim, Dan, John, Tom

Joe, Tim, Dan, John & Tom

Through the 2000’s, Tim, Dan, Joe, John and Tom launched new innovations in digital printing, scanning, online document management and wide format print equipment sales, service and supplies.

In 2006, the current location of the Third Ward branch opened in the historic Marshall Building on Water and Buffalo Street.

In 2009, Epic Color was born from growing demands for custom signs and displays. The plan..to do it better, faster and above all..to “be Epic”. Originally located in Menomonee Falls, Epic Color would be run with the same passion and work ethic as A/E Graphics and be directed by Dan Schmidt.

Sieber Retirement Party

John Sieber Retires

Over the years as the print industry continued to change and the way services were offered, a better workflow efficiency was needed. In the summer of 2015 a complete remodel of A/E Graphics 124th Street building was launched that would divide the space into two suites. A/E Graphics would reside in suite A and Epic Color now under the same roof in suite B. The A/E Graphics Third Ward branch also received a complete makeover later in the year.

In August of 2016, John Sieber retired after more than 30 years of service and Joe Shaw took over his duties as manager.

Now you know why A/E Graphics and Epic Color are “A Better Plan”.


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