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Canon is writing the future in the same way they innovated in the past: by creating the smart and efficient solutions the market needs and anticipating the ones it does not yet know it wants.

Radiant Fusing

A large format printer that does not consume unnecessary electricity in standby mode and is still ready to use within seconds? With Radiant Fusing technology, you can achieve both. With instant-on printer availability and virtually no warm-up time, the eco-friendly Radiant Fusing technology consumes less energy, realizes shorter print times and produces less noise and ozone compared to other toner based large format printing systems. Radiant Fusing: consistent quality – year after year, print after print.

Radiant Fusing combines short print times with high-quality output. With our Radiant Fusing technology, you can have it all: speed, productivity, high quality and energy savings.

Image Logic

Scanning and copying large format documents is a time-consuming task, even if the quality is right the first time. Unfortunately, scans and copies often have to be redone, because the settings aren’t optimal and the result fails to meet your requirements. This is even more time consuming, expensive and frustrating. Image Logic is an intelligent, easy-to-use solution that helps you consistently turn imperfect originals into perfect copies and scans without any hassle.

Reduce expensive and time-consuming re-work. With Image Logic, the goal is to get you the perfect scan the first time, 99% of the time. Image Logic finds the right settings for you, immediately and automatically.


The ClearConnect software suite consists of a variety of applications that all have the same user interface, which makes it easy to get documents where you need them, when you need them. Use the desktop job submission software Publisher Select to efficiently manage complex document sets. Install Publisher Mobile to print from any mobile device. Use Publisher Express to print from any web browser, the Wide Format Printer Driver to print from any application, and the ClearConnect user panel to submit directly to the print engine.

True to its name, the ClearConnect software suite makes the right connections to provide a seamless workflow. Print and scan to the cloud from your desktop, mobile device, user panel, USB flash drive, or network. Save time and avoid costly printing mistakes with easy shortcuts.


Choosing between printing technologies is not easy, especially if your printing needs include an extensive mix of applications: line and text prints, full-color photo prints and mixed sets of color and black & white. Should you opt for an LED toner printer, with superior media independence, no feathering and instant-dry prints? Or for an inkjet printer, clean and with highly accurate dot positioning on expensive coated media?

With CrystalPoint technology, you can have the best of both worlds: crisp, high-quality color and black & white prints, even on plain and recycled paper. It is ideal for a wide range of applications including CAD plots, GIS documents and graphic arts.


With any printer, dust particles and paper touches can cause printing nozzles to fail, resulting in a thin white line on prints. PAINT technology (Piezo Acoustic Integrated Nozzle Technology) applies sophisticated diagnostics, maintenance and error corrections to overcome common nozzle issues that occur with conventional inkjet printers – even while printing. The printer checks the status of each printing nozzle by sending an acoustic pulse and cleans a specific nozzle if required in just seconds. This decreases maintenance and waste and increases system lifetime. The printer can detect and compensate a nozzle failure per swath so a print is not ruined and high throughput and productivity are maintained. The printer measures and corrects the actual drop size to ensure consistent print quality and color matching, print after print, year after year.


Canon UVgel technology comprises several specially-developed elements that combine to achieve a process that retains the advantages of prevailing printer technologies, while eliminating many of the compromises.

The key to Canon UVgel technology is the fact that the ink is essentially a gel, developed according to UV curing principles. The simplified stages of the Canon UVgel printing process are as follows:

  • Inside the printheads, Canon UVgel ink is heated and turns from gel into liquid.
  • The temperate controlled platen maintains the substrate at a constant 28℃ temperature regardless of environmental factors.
  • On contact with the media, the liquefied ink drops return immediately to their gel state.
  • In their gel state, the ink droplets are ‘pinned’ instantly to the media, assisted by a partial LED ‘precure’ process.
  • Full LED curing takes place at a later stage, after the image swathe is completely formed and gelled on the media.


Enables matte or gloss finish without changing ink or media. This ingenious technology maximizes the UVgel advantage with either a single – or a two-step curing strategy. It offers you a choice between a gloss or a matte finish without the need to change inks or the media. Enjoy vibrant matte prints on smooth and more porous / structured media, like uncoated plain paper.

Applications will only truly be seen for what they are if they have the right finish. Premium wallpaper looks more luxurious with a lovely deep matte finish. Photos reveal their true colour depth and emotional impact with smooth, mirror-like gloss. With FLXfinish technology, you can give any of your applications a gloss or matte finish without the need to use special inks or media.

Smart use of the Colorado 1650’s UV LED curing lights provides the basis for this flexibility. Full curing happens at the end of the printing process, but the stage is set for the finishing touch just after jetting the UVgel inks. For applications with a matte finish or porous media, a brief flash of UV light pins the UVgel droplets in place immediately after jetting, freezing the shape of every drop of ink. This results in an rough surface at micro level, providing the characteristic velvety-matte finish. For a glossy finish, the droplets are given a little more time to settle into a smooth, even layer.


VariaDot imaging technology allows piezoelectric printheads to produce droplets of varying volume on demand. This allows the connected workflow software to specify an appropriate droplet size for each specific image feature. When rendering fine detail such as small type or fine lines, very small droplets can be used, when rendering areas of tonal transition or quartertone values such as skin tones drops of medium volumes can be used and for areas of high density such as solid colors, large droplets can be used.

VariaDot imaging technology can be compared to painting a room on your house. You use a large brush size for quick coverage over large areas and a much smaller, finer brush for detailed areas. Trying to paint a large wall with a tiny brush would result in many artifacts and trying to paint a fine fresco trim with a large brush would be very frustrating. In the same way, VariaDot uses the appropriate size droplet for each specific image feature resulting in the best possible image quality in every part of the printed image.

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