Construction Worker Shortage

An article from The Daily Reporter yesterday cites construction worker shortages in Colorado. As I posted previously, an aging work force and not as many new, younger workers are coming in to replace the veterans. One point cited in the piece is too obvious to any of us dealing with this industry: “The group (Assoc. General Contractors) believes many of the laid-off workers (during recession) have since found work in other fields or have retired.”

That is only part of the story isn’t it? We know many of these previously laid-off folks either started their own construction firms or they are taking cash jobs and that is enough to support them. There is also a percentage that just gave up looking for work because they couldn’t find it, collected unemployment and are now professionally unemployed. Others yet are collecting disability and may get by with that.

Regardless, we need skilled training and promoting of the trades to youth particularly if they do not complete a college education.

Here is the full article from The Associated Press reprinted by The Daily Reporter.

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