4 Construction Industry Podcasts

The construction industry is competitive, are you taking advantage of the free help and information available on the internet?

Audio shows or podcasts can help you stay informed while you workout or drive to the jobsite. Audio podcasts cover all kinds of topics and can you can listen to them while doing other things. This is not true of written media or video.

In 2013 three new shows about architecture and the construction industry debuted. Create Buildings Better, Entrepreneur Architect, and Archispeak give you a look at the world of architecture, each from a different perspective. The Construction Industry Podcast has been around for years and concentrates on interviews, tips and trends for the construction sector.

Create Buildings Better is dedicated to helping the construction industry with building information modeling, BIM. BIM and integrated project delivery provide so much value to a construction business that it can’t be ignored. Whether you are an architect, engineer, general contractor, sub-contractor, or building owner having a repository of project data that is shared with everyone involved in the project will reap benefits through cost reductions, conflict avoidance and better design review. In 2009 the website BIMtv.net was started as BIM training videos, a way to help share knowledge of Autodesk Revit software and other technology involved in running an architectural office. In 2013 the audio show was started as a way to provide free information about BIM. Episodes are released weekly and are usually 15-30 minutes long.

Entrepreneur Architect helps with the business of, running an architecture firm. Around 2007 the Entrepreneur Architect blog site was started to talk about business and success in architecture. In 2013 that blossomed into the podcast too. The podcasts usually follow an interview format and provide the experience and viewpoints of others in the industry. Episodes are released monthly and are usually 30-45 minutes long.

Archispeak looks at the everyday issues architects deal with, helping you understand what goes on in an architectural practice. Three architects get together and talk about their experiences or ideas about a specific topic. Sometimes the architectural kimono gets caught in a breeze and you’ll hear off topic remarks as well. It’s almost as good as being in architect’s office listening in to the conversations. Episodes are released every other week and are usually an hour long.

Construction Industry Podcast deals with the many things related to the construction industry. With so many varied topics related to construction, the producer tries to keep the topics interesting for the entire audience and not dive into the proper way to lace your work boots. The episodes are released one or two per month as time and topics allow, but the episode count is at Episode 46 so there is a lot to listen to.

Podcasts about building information modeling, the business of running an architecture company, or just talking a peak into the world of an architect are available to download and listen to whenever you have the time. From informative to entertaining, listening to podcasts on the go can help you stay in touch with your industry.

While the target group for each podcast is architects or the construction industry the show hosts expressed surprise about how diverse the audience really is. Of particular interest is the fact that students are interested to see what might really be happening in the industry post-school.

Most of the podcast hosts say they aren’t using the podcast as a Marketing tool, they just want to share information and help people understand the industry. Mark R. LePage said he is mainly interested in sharing to …”let others know what [to do] and how you do it”. Many architects do not have any business background.

Neal Pann from the Archispeak podcast said something very similar, “we wanted a podcast that was not a lot of work, we just want to let people know what is going on.” The archispeak podcast is three architects talking about the issues that arise every day, “something you might hear around the water cooler in an architect’s office.”

How to listen

Podcasts (audio shows) are released episodically and can be listened to via direct download to a computer or on any mobile audio player or smartphone. You can visit the website hosting the podcast to listen directly or download the episodes, but most people use an application to manage the downloads automatically as the podcasts update. Apple has iTunes and the podcast app, the Android market has onecast or podkicker.

Steve Jensen of BIMtv.net contributed to this story. Contact him with any comments or more information.

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