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SD One 24", 36" and 44" Scanners

SD One+

Contex SD One+ Scanner

SD One+ packs a huge amount of value into its lightweight range of 24” and 36″ scanners. With great accuracy and CIS technology, you can trust SD One+ gets the job done.

Your fully featured large format scanner. It’s compact and unobtrusive, yet has all the features you need.

Contex simply designed the SD One+ for everything from hobby level to organizations with the occasional need for a large format scanner. Whether you need to scan your construction plans, posters or have old documents that need archiving, SD One+ will do the job. Add Nextimage software to the equation and control your digitized scanning environment with the very best tools.

Contex based the SD One+ on feedback. They were told users needed a fully featured scanner. SD One+ has dedicated scanning software included.

They were told users wanted something easy to use. They put a control panel on the scanner for easy operation.

They were told users need a compact scanner to fit in users office. They made a flexible scanner which can operate on a desk or next to chosen equipment on its optional stand.

The Cloud enabled SD One+ scanner can send documents directly to your preferred destinations. The only choice you have to make is where you need the documents – SD One+ handles the rest. SD One+ can deliver images by e-mail or directly into your cloud sharing and storage applications. There is a long list of supported Cloud destinations like DropBox,, Google Drive and many more.


Contex SD One MF Scanner

Contex SD One MF Scanner Display                    Contex SD One MF Scanner High Stand

SD One MF is a new concept in MFP solutions. Centered around you, every user has a unique personal profile with their preferences stored, allowing you to email or save to your preferred folder or personal Cloud in just one step.

SD One MF takes a new approach to large format scanning, focusing on you and how you work, while also pushing the boundaries of scanning technology. It is easy to set up and use, yet incredibly flexible, with options such as WiFi, an intuitive and flexible touchscreen, extensive printer support, and stand options.

With the touchscreen on top, you can mark-up, share and collaborate without ever having to print your scanned files. With the SD One MF scanner, you also get your login and personal user profile. How does it work? We save all your settings on your profile. It allows you to communicate directly to your email, folders – and cloud service.

The solution for small workgroups, companies and organizations who enjoy a modern work environment – and fewer trips to the copy shop. The SD One MF is a professional solution, which comes in 24, 36 and 44 inch sizes.


Cloud service - Scan to your favorite cloud services.

Full color - SD One+ and MF supports full color scanning.

All popular file formats - Supports all popular scan file formats - like PDF, TIFF and JPEG.

Green - EPA Energy Star® certified device.

Need to move the scanner about? - Don’t worry, SD One series is light enough for one person to carry.


This allows all users in a workgroup to operate the scanner from their own computer via Ethernet.

Contex CleanScan CIS
Contex CleanScan technology is based on custom CIS modules with Dual sided LED light and Dual Diffusion.

Contex CFR (Color Fringe Removal)
Color Fringe Removal (CFR) is a Contex Patent. Color Fringing is a natural consequence of CIS technology sequentially flashing R-G-B. Thanks to Contex innovative thinking CFR will remove this problem with advanced filter technology.


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