Canon Large Format iPF Plotter Print Scan Systems

Take large format printing to the next level with Canon’s line of imagePROGRAF iPF TM, TX, TZ, GP and PRO series printers and multifunction systems. Offering state-of-the-art color printing solutions designed with power, speed, flexibility and quality.

Canon imagePROGRAF has a wide variety of 5-color, 10-color, Fluorescent Inks, 8-color, 11-color plus Chroma Optimizer plotters and printers to fit your different business needs.

Pigment ink printers, fast and quiet printing, large ink tank sizes and user friendly software helps ensure these printers operate seamlessly into your workflow.

Canon TM-355 MFP Z36

Canon imagePROGRAF TM Series

Redefining the large format printer.

Redefining what is possible with a large format printer, the TM Series printers offer enhanced productivity, efficiency, and usability over the previous generation of the imagePROGRAF TM & TA series printers. The imagePROGRAF TM series is great for low-volume users in small spaces printing posters, CAD documents, signage, and more with vivid color reproduction with newly formulated magenta ink & color calibration. The newly designed imagePROGRAF TM Series has been built for more efficiency and comfort compared to previous models with its new flat-body design, full-frontal operation, and new 4.3” adjustable user interface screen. The user interface screen displays the ink levels and sub-ink tank levels, automatic media detection indicator levels, and more setting prompts all on the home screen! Registered as EPEAT Gold—first in the imagePROGRAF TM Series— and as ENERGY STAR certified, this series is replacing EPS packaging materials with cardboard packaging. Plus, there is a host of creative workflow software included, such as, PosterArtist (Online and Lite versions), Free Layout Plus, Direct Print Plus, Accounting Manager, and more, to help with your everyday personal and business needs!

Canon imagePROGRAF TX Series

The Next Standard of Engineering. Productivity, usability, and security.

The new 36-inch TX-3100 and 44" TX-4100 large-format printers have been upgraded with faster printing speeds, an enhanced automatic roll loading function, and free-size borderless printing to improve productivity and efficiency. Preprocessing technology between pages and a faster cutter speed help to achieve printing speeds up to 3.2 ppm (plain paper, drawings) during continuous printing.

Canon imagePROGRAF TZ Series

Introducing the imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 Large Format Printer: The fastest imagePROGRAF printer. Ever.

A 5-color, 36-inch aqueous inkjet model built for high productivity and efficiency for the low-end LED and high-end inkjet production CAD, engineering, government and other markets. The TZ-30000 achieves the fastest printing speed of any imagePROGRAF printer to date at up to 4-D size prints per minute. Designed with many "Canon First" technologies built in such as twin carriage motors, an integrated top stacker that utilizes an air flow system and a dual roll media system with intelligent media handling, this printer is a powerful addition to Canon's portfolio of large format printers.

Canon imagePROGRAF GP Series

The world's first "PANTONE Calibrated" Pantone licensed for "PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE Coated", which includes fluorescent and pastel colors. Can hit 99% of the colors in the PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE solid coated.

First-In-The-Industry Fluorescent Pink Ink Delivers Color That Pops Like Never Before!

With the introduction of the GP Series, Canon gives you the opportunity to sell first-in the-industry color capabilities that have never before been available in an aqueous, large-format printing system.

Canon has achieved this remarkable milestone by integrating imagePROGRAF’s proven printing technologies with a breakthrough ink formulation that, for the first time ever, includes a Fluorescent Pink Ink channel. “Radiant Infusion” layers the newly developed Fluorescent Pink Ink with other inks on the paper surface during printing to enable bright and soft color reproduction. But Canon didn’t stop there! It took the imagePROGRAF core technologies and configured those capabilities to create the 10-color PLUS Fluorescent Pink Ink GP-4000/GP-2000 models and the 5-color PLUS Fluorescent Pink Ink GP-300/GP-200 models. This new family of large-format printing systems is designed to meet customers’ needs for high-impact, standout, and eye-popping color that corporate, retail, entertainment, and on-site poster printing demands.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series

Graphic Arts and Photographic Printers

Witness the vibrant colors and outstanding neutral and stable grayscales produced by our line of Graphic Arts and Photographic Printers – featuring a pigment ink system using Canon’s LUCIA PRO ink – for every project you take on from photography to design to proofing.

The 8-color PRO "S" series is designed for the poster and display signage markets with a balance of production high-speed printing and print quality.

The 11-color with Chroma Optimizer PRO series is designed to exceed expectations for ultra-high image quality and color consistency in a large format printer produced by the input to output solution called Crystal-fidelity.

A/E Graphics is a Canon iPF imagePROGRAF authorized sales and servicing dealer for wide format equipment, repair, paper, ink, print head, maintenance cartridge and other consumable supplies.

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