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The exhibition about Wang Shu is now on show in Copenhagen

"The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen has once again turned its attention to architecture with a monographic exhibition.."Source: … [Read More]

Proposed World Trade Center to change Perth cityscape

An international developer flags plans to construct what would be Perth's tallest building as the centrepiece of a World Trade Center development that it believes will transform the CBD.Source: … [Read More]

Dubai to have smart Dolphins, floating centre to put out fire

The floating civil defence centre provides manpower and the mechanism to reach offshore fire sites, buildings and other facilities, which facilitateSource: … [Read More]

Latest drone footage offers clearest look yet at Apple Park ahead of next month’s opening

Just two weeks after Apple announced additional details for its new Apple Park campus, additional drone footage has emerged showing the headquarters. This new drone video is unique in that it does …Source: … [Read More]

Here’s what it’s like to stay in one of Manhattan’s award-winning first micro-apartments

People often assume that New Yorkers live in shoe-box–sized apartments. But Manhattan's first (and only) official micro-apartment building at Caramel Place takes small to a new level. Source: … [Read More]

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