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Paper towels or blow dryers? Wisconsin is all in with paper

In the debate over which is better for drying hands -- paper or blowing air -- Wisconsin is all in with paper.Source: www.jsonline.comWe love paper!!! A great natural resource that gets recycled over and over again. … [Read More]

Milwaukee Mayor’s Design awards all over map

Big, little, new or renovated, award winners in 13 of 15 aldermanic districts. Source: … [Read More]

Tesla expects to finalize four more Gigafactory sites this year

As Tesla works to finish building its first Gigafactory, the company is expanding its global ambitions for additional battery production facilities.Chief executive Elon Musk casually dropped a significant detail during his recent TED Talk, noting thaSource: … [Read More]

We took a tour of one of the first Apple HomeKit homes [Video]

"..last week..developer and homebuilder Brookfield Residential announced that it will begin including HomeKit accessories in new homes it’s building as a standard feature, starting in …Source: … [Read More]

Fremont, CA to require solar panels, EV chargers in new homes

Fremont has recently adopted a new code that requires the installation of solar panels on new homes built in the city. Source: … [Read More]

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