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Luxury Homes Gain Over-the-Top Decks

Outdoor decks and patios are becoming bigger, more elaborate, and more central to the home—even in snowy states like Colorado and Minnesota.Source: … [Read More]

Melbourne’s exploding balconies

"A frightening series of "spontaneous" glass balcony explosions at Melbourne apartment buildings has highlighted the dangers of cheap and faulty construction products.."Source: … [Read More]

ASID Headquarters Becomes World’s First Space to Earn LEED and WELL Platinum Certification

"The office is brimming with features that support health and wellness. One is a circadian lighting system that mimics natural daylight, paired with automated shades that follow the sun's movement to help eliminate eye strain. The design team also implemented biophilic design strategies.."Source: … [Read More]

This $500 million ‘gigamansion’ has a 20 bedrooms and five pools's exclusive aerial photos of the new Bel Air 'gigamansion' show the 20 bedroom, 30 bathroom luxury pad makes Jennifer Aniston's $21 million home look tiny in comparison.Source: … [Read More]

How green are Apple’s carbon-sequestering trees really?

According to one study, “The impact of urban vegetation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions directly through carbon sequestration is very limited or null.”Source: … [Read More]

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