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Need a building? Someday you may just hit ‘print’

"Not in the business of printing money, a crew at a Champaign, IL lab is printing barracks and barriers that will save taxpayers millions of bucks."Source: … [Read More]

CRH buys Ash Grove, bets on U.S. cement growth

The buyer is looking to expand its U.S. bulding materials division, as it looks to take advantage of President Donald Trump's infrastructure investment plan.Source: … [Read More]

World’s Tallest Sandcastles

The Guinness World Record for the World's Tallest Sandcastle record has just been beaten. The Sandcastle is in Duisburg, Germany and was commissioned…Source: … [Read More]

Homebuilder sector to make up Irma losses quickly; building products unclear

Susan Maklari, Credit Suisse analyst, says the homebuilder sector will make up Irma losses quickly, but building products have a murkier future.Source: … [Read More]

The Toilet That Uses Your Air Conditioning to Flush

"The world’s first cistern to use condensate from air conditioning units to flush the toilet has been launched.."Source: … [Read More]

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