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How engineers help developers meet green building objectives

Jeff Boldt, Principal and Director of Engineering for KJWW Engineering Consultants, was ticking off the benefits of well-designed duct systems for making buildings operate efficiently: Shorter duct paSource: … [Read More]

Fatal crane collapse in Manhattan

"One person was killed and three others injured — two seriously — when a massive construction crane collapsed in Lower Manhattan on Friday morning, officials said.The man who was killed had been standing on the street.."Source: … [Read More]

Why an error in the Commerce Department’s construction spending calculation is actually good news

"The Commerce Department has announced a revision to 10 years worth of construction spending estimates, correcting a calculation error that will likely lead to a boost in the GDP."Source: … [Read More]

Car chase following tool theft lands contractor in hospital

A contractor was sent to the hospital Monday after being hit at a job site near Milwaukee's downtown by a vehicle drive by someone suspected of stealing tools out of a company truck.Source: … [Read More]

Latest Apple Campus 2 flyover gives up close look as exterior nears completion

Apple’s under construction Campus 2 building in Cupertino is rapidly taking shape as this latest flyover video from Duncan Sinfield shows.Source: … [Read More]

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