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How green buildings build neighborhoods

DC, a leader in the green building movement, is getting more than just energy savings and good vibes from its green buildings.Source: … [Read More]


4 projects honored with AIA TAP Innovation Awards for excellence in BIM and project delivery

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) Knowledge Community developed the AIA TAP Innovation Awards to honor state of the art of the design, deliverySource: … [Read More]


Mecca desert fortress to be world’s largest hotel

Ten-thousand bedrooms, 70 restaurants, a bus station and a shopping mall—these are some of the main features inside the world’s largest hotel.Source: … [Read More]


Wood Skyscraper Proposed For Paris

Architect Michael Green has propose a 35 story wood skyscraper for the Reinvent Paris design competition. The tower would resemble the High LIne Park in NYCSource: … [Read More]

When is a general contractor an ‘employer’ of subcontractor’s workers?

When is a general contractor an ‘employer’ of subcontractor’s workers? - Human resources News on Independent ContractorsSource: … [Read More]

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