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New Life for Paper

So What’s the Future of Paper in AEC?

Paper copies of drawings have been part of the building industry since its inception, and for two decades people have been saying the end of paper is near. Many signs have indicated that that prediction is accurate, as anyone preparing digital CAD drawings can attest. But tech giant Hewlett-Packard has just invested millions on launching a new … [Read More...]

LeCorbusier Poet Stamp

The Poet/Architect Merges Genres

Earlier this year architect Madeline Arakawa Gins died at 72. She was well known for her architectural collaborations with her artist husband, known simply as Arakawa. Together they developed a style called “reversible destiny,” which was notable for its vibrant colors and erratic walls, floors, and other details. But Gins began her artistic … [Read More...]

Green Building Image

Is Green Fading? Only Because It’s the “New Normal”

Critics are piling on to green buildings that aren't particularly green, the LEED program is under pressure from competition and some designers, and cost-conscious owners are cautious about anything green that might spike the bottom line. However, despite these pressures, bonafide green building is still highly popular and becoming more common. … [Read More...]

5 Cool Blogs for Old Building Lovers

Vintage Portland Vanishing St. Louis Opacity (Urban Ruins) The G.A.R. Building Detroit Old Chicago … [Read More...]

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