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5 Social Media Tips for Architects

Surf the web and you’ll find thousands of architects trolling for clients on Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn, Facebook, and countless other social media sites. How do you make your social media efforts stand out in this crowded field? Here are a few tips that apply to key social media sites used by architects. Tip 1: It’s not all about you You … [Read More...]

Mexico City Pollution Control Tiles

Architecture vs. Air Pollution?

Some architects are fighting air pollution with innovative projects. We’re not talking indoor air here – these architects are helping cities with serious air pollution problems deal with the atmospheric pollution. Mexico City is a prime example – it has long been listed as among the most polluted cities in the world. Now a German company called … [Read More...]

What Germs Surround You? It Depends on the Architecture.

Architecture can affect mood, productivity, healing, and countless other aspects of human life. Now a researcher at the University of Oregon has discovered that architecture also affects the kind of germs found in various parts of buildings. Jessica Green, a professor in the University of Oregon’s Institute for Ecology and Evolution, specializes … [Read More...]

Amazing Architecture: Green Roof Edition

Check out the garden on the roof of City Hall in Chicago, whose motto is “City in a Garden”. Ever wonder how to mow the lawn on a green roof? Goats provide one solution. Airplanes flying over Tufts University can quickly identify the school’s green roof. … [Read More...]

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