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New Titan Brick Is Environmentally Friendly

Titan Brick is made of 90% dirt waterproofed with non-toxic chemicals. It features R-20 insulating power plus superior strength compared to concrete blocks.Source: … [Read More]


IKEA produces 10,000 flat-pack shelters for UN refugees

The Swedish furniture giant Ikea will house 50,000 refugees in their new flat-packed and solar powered shelters.Source: … [Read More]


Green Alternatives to Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation can help save energy, protect a building from moisture intrusion, and provide sound insulation. It also contains dangerous chemicals.Source: … [Read More]


Virginia’s New Lien Waiver Law Makes Payment More Fair

Subcontractors and suppliers protected against unfair lien waivers by new Virginia law. Bankers, GCs, and Sureties stopped from strong-arm tactics.Source: … [Read More]


A. James Clark, who built empire of concrete and glass, dies at 87

His projects nationwide affected the work and leisure life of hundreds of millions of people.Source: … [Read More]

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