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Construction Worker Shortage

An article from The Daily Reporter yesterday cites construction worker shortages in Colorado. As I posted previously, an aging work force and not as many new, younger workers are coming in to replace the veterans. One point cited in the piece is too obvious to any of us dealing with this industry: "The group (Assoc. General Contractors) believes … [Read More...]

Paper Making Life Better

Paper brings benefits of providing education, functionality and preserving memories to the everyday lives of people across the country and around the world. This brief video highlights the many ways that paper plays an important role in our lives, our businesses and for our livelihood. Paper is...making life better! … [Read More...]

Design Revealed for War Memorial

The Milwaukee Business Journal has renderings of the Milwaukee Art Museum planned expansion of the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center on the downtown lakefront. Click here for the latest details and renderings. … [Read More...]

Lack of Skilled Workers Impacting Construction

When speaking with subcontractors in the area over the last year, the resounding feedback on the biggest impact of operation of their business is with the difficulty finding skilled workers in their field; plumbers, electricians, masons and so on. You have a generation of retiring craftspersons and increasing project workloads that are putting a … [Read More...]

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