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In pictures: China bans ‘bizarre’ architecture

China has issued a new directive banning "bizarre architecture" - here is a selection of the more adventurous buildings that have sprung up in recent years.Source: … [Read More]

This 400-Square-Foot Modular Apartment Was Inspired by a Swiss Army Knife    

For their award-winning Pivot Apartment, Brooklyn-based Architecture Workshop PC turned a barely 400-square-foot New York City prewar studio into a flSource: … [Read More]

A Chinese company assembled this 3D-printed home in just three hours

A Chinese real estate company recently completed manufacturing a 3D-printed home and assembled the finished product in Xi'an in just three hours.Source: … [Read More]

Cool Construction Technology From Around The World

"Amazing projects of constructions are being completed around the world as I write this text. Along with new technology, new methods of building are created. From using flying drones to 3D printing smart helmets for workers.."Source: … [Read More]

Julia Peyton-Jones Wins Ada Louise Huxtable Prize

Julia Peyton-Jones has won the 2016 Ada Louise Huxtable Prize. Awarded as part of the Architectural Review's (AR) annual Women in Architecture...Source: … [Read More]

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