Why Choose Océ Large Format?

Reduce your bottom line and increase productivity by using eco-friendly products. The Océ PlotWave and ColorWave large format printing systems are the ideal all-in-one systems for eco-friendly printing of architectural and engineering drawings.


  • Lowest energy consumption in its class
  • Makes no noise when idling
  • Requires no extra ventilation to keep cool
  • Produces virtually no ozone emissions
  • Compatible with recycled media
  • Parts re-use and recycling
  • Easy-to-use – minimizes trial & error waste
  • Components are designed for re-use and recycling to minimize landfill
  • TonerPearls for a totally clean system: no fine dust, no odor and minimal waste disposal
  • Durable Imaging Devices save a considerable amount of waste
  • Minimal media waste with automatic image positioning and roll selection

Unique Technology

Radiant FusingOcé Radiant Fusing is an Eco friendly fusing method providing instant-on machine availability with no warm-up time. It consumes less energy and emits less noise and ozone when compared to other fusing methods. In addition to the environmental benefits, it also provides incredible, consistent quality. During the Radiant Fusing process, the toner melts and is fused to the media via heat rising from a grid of wires, without distorting the image.

CrystalPoint TechnologyOcé CrystalPoint™ Technology has been developed entirely by Océ to deliver high quality colour and black & white prints on plain and recycled paper. Using patented Océ TonerPearls™ it is ideal for a wide range of applications including CAD plots, GIS documents and business graphics.

Image LogicOcé Color Image Logic consistently turns imperfect originals into perfect copies (reproduction of text, photos and fine drawings) in color the first time and scans without the need for any user interference. This saves a lot of time since the process of copying and scanning is a very time-consuming task.

Clear ConnectOcé ClearConnect multi-touch panel works like a tablet. Easily control the printer with your fingertips using the simple screen movements you are used to. Swipe, spread and zoom in on details of a drawing. Check that documents are correctly positioned using the live preview to avoid errors.



There is a reason why over 60% of Architectural, Engineering and Construction firms use Océ in their offices; It's because of Océ’s commitment to the environment and rock solid reliability. Less downtime equals more productivity.

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