Océ PlotWave® 345 / 365 Large Format Plotter Printer

Black & White Large Format Plotter, Printer, Copy and Scan System with Multi-touch Gestures Touchscreen and Cloud Integration.

Designed for pure focus, the new Océ PlotWave 345 and Océ PlotWave 365 printing systems offers technical users new levels of security, cost-effectiveness and simplicity. The perfect walk-up systems that make it easy for professionals to stay focused on their work and still get great looking technical documents. The right choice when you want to print faster, share faster and finish projects faster, while fully safeguarding your confidential information.

Highlights at a glance:

  • Océ ClearConnect 10.4″ color LCD, touchscreen interface with multi-touch gestures
  • Intuitive preview functions help avoid expensive errors
  • Enhanced project collaboration through integrated cloud printing and scanning
  • Océ PowerSync controller with Windows®8 Embedded, 64 Bits Dual-Core
  • Single all in one footprint for multifunction print, copy, and color scan in limited workspaces
  • Océ Radiant Fusing Technology for instant-on printing, no warm up time, tremendous reliability, and very low operating costs
  • Integrated top delivery tray with Oce’s air delivery system to keep your documents neatly stacked and collated
  • Fast print speeds: 10 linear feet per minute with the PlotWave 345, or 13 linear feet per minute with the PlotWave 365

Access The Cloud Directly At The Printer:

You can access your documents directly at the printer whether your files are in the cloud, on a USB stick, or on a network location. Just browse and swipe to your files, and print them. In addition, you can scan directly to virtually unlimited destinations in the cloud or your Intranet.

When you have a file on your iPad® mobile device, just use the WiFi infrastructure of your company to access the Océ Publisher Mobile app. Or, print from your desktop PC via Océ Publisher Select software to manage more complex document sets.

From Cold Sleep To Print-in-Hand In Less Than 40 Seconds:

No trade-off between energy consumption and getting a fast first print thanks to the energy-efficient Océ Radiant Fusing technology. Compared to a slow 4 minutes with conventional printers, this easily saves you an hour a day in printing delays, increasing your effective speed up to 300%. Print up to 4 D-size (6 A1) plots in 1 minute with virtually no warm-up time. Work faster by minimizing waiting time and using less energy.


Intuitive Preview Features Help Avoid Expensive Errors/Reprints:

Intuitive preview features in the Océ ClearConnect user panel and in the Océ Wide Format Printer Driver 2.0 for Microsoft® Windows® give you extra help printing complex drawings correctly the first time.

Potential errors are visible in the “What You See Is What You Print” preview. Prevent fold lines and other errors from being visible in your print/scan with Océ Color Image Logic technology.

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