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Number of Builders Reporting a Shortage of Framing Lumber Surges

Shortages of framing lumber are now more widespread than at any time since NAHB began tracking the issue in a consistent way in 1994, according to results from the May 2018 survey for the NAHB/Well…


Taiwan indicts three over deadly quake building collapse

"A Taiwanese developer was indicted..over the partial collapse of a building that killed 14 people during an earthquake in February, prosecutors said."


The story behind Green Bay Packaging`s plan for a new $580 million mill

Brown County Executive Troy Streckenbach prepared for the worst.

It was February and Streckenbach had been asked to join Green Bay and state officials at a meeting with a papermaking company. Kimberly-Clark’s tentative plan to close mills in Neenah and Fox Crossing, announced in late January, was still fresh in his mind.


Thanks to the Wisconsin Development News for originally sharing this story.

Neighbors Sue Real Estate Mogul Mohamed Hadid Over Bel-Air Mansion

The battle over the unfinished 30,000-square-foot mega-mansion has gone on for years.


Florida DOT fighting to keep FIU bridge collapse records under wraps

A judge has given the agency two weeks to decide whether it will defend itself in court for refusing to hand over to the Miami Herald internal documents related to the structural failure.


A Paper Straw Factory Is Opening Up in Britain Before a Planned UK Single-Use Plastics Ban

The first paper straw factory in the “last several decades” in Britain is planning to launch in Wales as fast-food chains prepare for a planned ban on single-use plastic products throughout the UK, the Guardian reported, with some chains already preparing their own plans to phase out plastic in favor of paper.


Smart Glass Makes Waiting At The Airport More Tolerable: Study

If you have to wait in an airport, smart glass can help. A study of View Dynamic Glass installed at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) found more comfortable passengers.


Modular building is (slowly) moving onto jobsites

“Call it what you want, offsite construction isn’t going anywhere — except to more jobsites. The construction industry’s productivity woes are nothing new to the companies trying to solve the problem.”


5 Reasons to Modernize Aging Buildings

According to the US Energy Information Administration, only 12% of the commercial buildings have been built since 2003 and more than half of them have been constructed before 1980 and the median age of buildings is around 32 years.


Green Bay Packaging to build new $500 million paper mill

The state-of-the-art facility will replace the 71-year-old Green Bay Paper Mill.


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