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Mortenson replaces Skanska Hunt as general contractor for KeyArena renovation now topping $800 million

Mortenson has been named the new general contractor for a KeyArena renovation project now pushing beyond $800 million in cost. In replacing Skanska Hunt as contractor, the Oak View Group development team also added renowned architectural firm Rockwell Group.


Wooden skyscraper city proposed for eco-friendly Stockholm neighborhood

Stockholm is taking eco-friendly design to new heights. Check out this proposed mixed-use skycraper city, complete with several towering wooden skyscrapers.


Drone Accidents & Injuries Offer New Legal Challenges

Drone accidents have caused serious personal injuries, and critics fear worse incidents in the future as drones cross paths with traditional aircraft.


With an acute labor shortage, the construction industry gets creative

Offering higher pay, better benefits and on-the-job training — and reaching out to groups of people who don’t fit the traditional mold of a construction worker — are just a few of the ways construction companies are dealing with an acute labor shortage.


AECOM – Consultant to 195 Project Has Paid $100M in Federal Fines and Penalties

The consulting firm that conducted the data analysis on the I-195 project that led to the closing of lanes and traffic nightmares is tied to more than 70 violations and more than $106 million in penalties for a range of offenses, according to reports.

The violations range from over $73 million i


Bel-Air residents accuse city of abetting illegal mega-mansion construction

In a legal filing, Bel-Air residents living downhill from a massive, unfinished mansion are alleging that the city of Los Angeles knew and failed to stop illegal construction at the site.


Questions raised about arena, Atlanta zoo construction management deal

The government agency that owns Zoo Atlanta and the newly christened State Farm Arena hired the highest bidder to oversee the high-profile projects.


In Bel-Air, an unfinished Spanish villa lists for sale at $100 million

A 40,000-square-foot unfinished Spanish villa is on the market in Bel-Air for $100 million.


Silicon Valley $4 billion development approved near Apple headquarters

The project, located just blocks away from Apple Park, could set a precedent for future affordable housing proposals, including a $29 million initiative in San Francisco’s Mission District.


How building design changed after 9/11

"When a building collapses killing hundreds – or thousands – of people, there are many reasons for pause.

The loss of so much life is undoubtedly a catastrophe. Beyond that, a big building collapse raises many important engineering questions."


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